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How It Works?


Signing Up

Sign Up (free) to create your User Account

Enroll your customers as Members (free)

Digitally manage your own CRM Program

Full onboarding support


Merchant Dashboard

Live updates on your business transactions

Graphical data analysis

Navigation Menu

Help Section / FAQ’s


Feature Rich

Customized Billing (GST Compliant)

Add Sub-Users / Multiple Outlets

Customer Loyalty Program

MIS Reports & much more


Marketing & Communication

Automated transaction updates to your customers

Targeted SMS / E-mail campaigns to promote your business

Member event reminders

Track your SMS balance


Earning of Points

Merchant decides reward points

Customers earn points on every Rs. 100 spent

Each point is always One Rupee

Automated points update


Redemption of Points

Merchant decides redemption rewards

Same day points earned cannot be redeemed to ensure repeat business

Merchant decides expiry of points

Automated points update

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Who Is It For?

All such businesses and more can benefit from Rewarder

Auto & Auto Ancillaries

Beauty & Fashion

Clothing & Accessories

Departmental Stores


Eye Wear

Food & Hospitality

Handbags & Luggage

Health & Fitness

Home & Furniture



Printing & Stationery

Toys & Baby Products

And many more...


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First 30 Days
First 30 Days
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Free SMS Credits (one time)
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Free Sub-User Accounts
Additional Sub-User Charges*
Customized Billing
Customized Points Program
Business Overview Dashboard
Database Management
Communication Tools
Upcoming Events
Import Contacts
MIS Reports
Free, anytime
Free, anytime
Free, anytime

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Frequently Asked Questions

A CRM system helps you to organize and structure your business more effectively by managing your customer data, their buying patterns, loyalty program, automate a number of processes, marketing, billing etc. You can get meaningful insights to your business and improve client relations to help it grow.
Big or small, every business not only has to combat competition but also look at growth. By implementing proper systems, businesses can use this data intelligence effectively to grow. Unfortunately, most CRM systems cost a lot of money to buy or to subscribe to and also maintenance fees are high.
Rewarder is an intelligent cloud based CRM software designed perfectly to suit all small to medium sized businesses in retail and hospitality. It is not only incredibly priced, but has no set up or hidden costs nor any regular maintenance fees. Rewarder is secure, simple to use and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime on any smart device without the fear of losing any data.
Broadly, customer loyalty membership programs help retain existing customers that you may lose because of competition, increase their visits due to recognition and rewards, engage with them via marketing campaigns. It also helps you manage your customer database effectively.
There are many businesses which do not track transactions down to the level of each customer and each bill. In this competitive world, there is a need to understand customer buying behaviour and retain your top customers for repeat business. Similarly, a there is a need to remain connected to the customers who do not visit frequently. Rewarder empowers small business owners to operate their business more structurally with a tool to engage, retain and communicate with your customers at the lowest cost.
Rewarder is a simple but powerful platform for you to grow your business. Once you sign up as a Merchant/User, you will get complete access and world class support to manage your OWN Customer Loyalty Membership Program. You may cancel anytime should you wish not to continue.
Yes, as a business owner/service provider, you can decide the number of points, redemption rewards, points expiry etc. You can engage your customers via promotions on SMS/e-mail, send targeted campaigns to select customers within your database like gender, pin code, birthday, etc.
Safeguarding your valuable data is our utmost priority. Only you have access to your database. Rewarder does not access nor share your database with any third party unless specified. Our website is SSL certified and your data is secure on cloud servers like AWS (Amazon Web Services) / Digital Ocean.
Your customers who will enroll as members (free membership) will earn points based on their spends. Points can be awarded in two ways - Once you have generated a bill on the Rewarder application, points will be awarded automatically OR if you are using an external POS (point of sale) system you can still award points linked to that bill. You can decide the number of points to be awarded per Rs.100 spent. You also have the option of not awarding any points and giving only a discount on the bill.
Example: If you decide to award 10% of the sale value, then 10 points are earned by your Members for every 100 rupees that they spend. Therefore, if a Member spends Rs. 2,000/- at your establishment, then he/she will earn 200 points which is equal to 200 rupees.
The value of each point is always 1 rupee.
A Member can redeem his/her points as decided by you. You can decide your own redemption rewards at various levels. You can either give a discount or offer goods or a service to redeem their points.
Same day transaction(s) are not eligible for redemptions immediately. Only the previous balance points can be redeemed by a Member. Points earned on the current transaction will only be added to a Member’s account every day at 12 AM only. This ensures repeat business for the merchant.
You can decide the points expiry to suit your business. You have the option to choose 1 year, 2 years or never.
No, there is no need for your customer to install an app on their device. All transaction updates are communicated to your customers automatically via SMS and e-mail.

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We will be delighted to hear from you. Write to us at or call us on +91 77770 55790 for your queries, suggestions or feedback. You may also use the text box below to send us your message. We will revert back to you within 48 hours.

About Us

Our core team consists of individuals with discerning knowledge of customer loyalty membership programs across the world in retail and hospitality. Our constant endeavour is to bring value addition to your existing business to help it grow.

There is a constant need for SME’s to combat competition either within the peer group or from giant corporations in similar businesses. The best way is to mitigate impact on your business is to create a platform wherein you can retain your customers by rewarding them for their loyalty and also engage with them to keep them interested in your business.

This is where we come in to help your business not only sustain, but make it grow at a price that is genuinely affordable.